About Me

I am working as an Enterprise Architect/Lead for the past 16 years, maintaining and enhancing the infrastructure and application services, transforming the data center into a private cloud, using OpenStack orchestration, api’s. services include, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

Public & Private Cloud initiatives. includes AWS, GCP and MS Azure for Public cloud, and Openstack / SDN for Private Cloud.
Openstack services(projects)) used are. compute (Nova), Storage (Cinder), Network (Neutron) and Heat for automation. Underlying technologies include Solaris (Kernel) Zones, Oracle VM for SPARC (LDom’s), VMware + NSX, KVM and Xen.

Compute, Storage, Network services are used in a verity of projects for a hundreds of VM’s and applications.

  • Compute spans across a multitude of vendors include Cisco UCS, HP, Dell, and Oracle x86 & SPARC.
  • Block Storage primarily SSD/NVMe used from Violin, PureStorage, 3Par, HDS, TMS, XtremIO and NFS using Oracle ZFS Appliances.
  • Network/SDN using Oracle IB36 40Gb switch’s as the server transport including vHBA, vNIC’s, or Cisco 9k, 7k, 5k & 2k across multiple Data Centers.
  • Backup to Disk then to Tape using a verity of technologies

Prepare Contingency plans, performs real-time contingency on a bi-monthly basis. Creates systems plan and distributes to relevant departments. All contingency tests are transparent to customers.

Web technologies, include Neo4j, NodeJS and Cassandra to better handle the business needs.
Design and architect a BigData Cloudera Hadoop/CDH 5.x for enterprise use, including all services around Hadoop like Spark, Hbase, kafka, flume, etc

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Eli Kleinman