Web GUI/UI – Administrating A Kubernetes Cluster Created With Angular

Web GUI – Administrating A Kubernetes Cluster I am working on a Web GUI to Administrate a Kubernetes Cluster. this includes all manipulation i.e. stats lookups, add, modify, deletes. all manipulations are using the official Kubernetes API’s. Details as well as the full code is available on my Github repository. In the next few weeks …

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Django install and configure

Install django easy_install pip (if not installed yet) mkdir django_test ; cd django_test pip install virtualenv virtualenv vm_test1 ; cd vm_test1 . bin/activate pip install django pip freeze # list packages Create first project django-admin startproject my_project ; cd my_project # Start the server python runserver Install some more packages pip install south django-registration …

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CSS top margins

<span style="margin-left:2px; margin-top:5px; display: inline-block"> <a href=""><span class="label label-default">UML</span> </a></span> Refrence

Nodejs Bootstrap and Express project

Configuring NodeJS, Express, and Bootstrap npm install –save express-partials Initialize /install NodeJS express Module npm install -g express-generator Create all need structure with express express –ejs bootstrap/ Finally, install NodeJS modules npm install Next, start NodeJS npm start Note: If you are using Netbeans, to be able to start from within Netbeans, add the below …

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Free Jquerey chart lib – gage – gage – gage – gage Refrence – list of free