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Web GUI – Administrating A Kubernetes Cluster

I am working on a Web GUI to Administrate a Kubernetes Cluster. this includes all manipulation i.e. stats lookups, add, modify, deletes. all manipulations are using the official Kubernetes API’s. Details as well as the full code is available on my Github repository. In the next few weeks I hope to update this blog with additional details. In addition, I hope in the future to extend / updated this repository with additional features – below is a partial list.
  1. Authentication / Authorization
  2. The ability to Add Pods / Nodes
  3. The ability to Modify Nodes / Pods
  4. The ability to Delete Nodes / Pods
  5. Show additional Node / pod details in a popup
  6. Show Node / Pod statistics as spark lines or full charts
Add your master API IP address Checking Node status Checking Pod status Admin menu I hope you enjoy reading this, any feedback is appreciated. You might also like – Other articles related to Docker Kubernetes / micro-service.
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