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Welcome to DevTech101

Who We Are

We are working in the IT Industry for  the past 20+ years helping customers with all their IT needs. Our experience is to make sure you get a best in class Architecture.  We specialize in AWS Cloud Services,  DevOps CI/CD, Data Center Architecture and several applications.  

Our Mission

We help our customers with all their Cloud and Data Center needs. making sure that you you the customer has piece  of mind knowing you are in the right hands and will always be helped.

What We Do

Customer Success Stories


Unlimited AWS Eip's


AWS Dynamic CloudWatch


AWS Dev CloudFormation


AWS Fargate Security


Logging And Search


Linux 2.x Migration

Why Choose Us?

With many years of experience will be able to make sure we address your concerns ..

We can help you address your AWS Cloud needs or issues. with many of the the AWS services. Like EC2, ELB, CloudWatch, CloudFront, Lambda, CloudFormation RDS, and more..

Will make sure to help resolve your issue, whether it’s in the Cloud or in your own data center (or hybird).

Will make sure you are completely satisfied with in supporting your issue – before and after we are done. making sure you are a happy customer.

Will make sure to work with you and make you happy. will work with you  based on your budget, making sure you are completely satisfied with the outcome.

We have many 5 Star Customer References that we can share.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Use the Contact Form to get in touch with us, comments, questions or suggestions. You can also simply say hello!.