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We help you modernize your AWS Cloud using best practices architecture & design.


We help you implement best practices around your security model, Cloud Infrastructure and Application security.


We help you properly architect and fully automate your CI/CD pipelines, using proven methods and best practices.

AWS Cloud Migrations

We can help your migrations to the Cloud, by using our home grown proven tools. Making sure it meets Best Practices and Future-Proof.

Cloud Savings

We help you save on your AWS infrastructure and services, by using best practice's combined with our home grown reports.

Application configs

We can help you with most wide used applications. including, installation, configurations. Whether its a new or existing application implementation, and another pair of hands is needed, we are here to help you.

Cloud & Applications with a professional touch

Find the most common services we provide listed below.

Cloud Services:

  • AWS: EC2, ELB, S3, Route53, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, IAM, KMS, Lambda, Cloud Formation, SNS,
    SQS, Event Bridge, Cloud Front
  • Other Cloud Services: Google App Script, GDrive.
  • Database: AWS RDS/MySQL
    Languages: Python, Javascipt, NodeJS, Webpack, Shell, PHP
  • Cloud Software: BitBucket, Nginx, Redis, Docker, Bug Snack, Pusher, Mailgun, Postmark

* Note:  We specialize in AWS Cloud Services. However we can help you with other services as well.

DevOps Cloud Architecture (CI/CD):

  • Code Repository Architecture: Proper Repository and architecture. automate build & deploy process across dev, stage and prod stages. 
  • Automation with BitBucket: BitBucket Pipelines, BitBucket Runners, etc..
  • Automation with AWS: Code Pipelines, Code Build, Code Commit repositories, etc..
  • Code Images: Docker Image Management and Security
  • Code/Deploy Security: Implement / automate security measures across images and deployments.

* Note:  We specialize in BitBucket pipelines and runners.

Security Services:

  • AWS: CVE vulnerabilities for ECR.
  • AWS Fargate Security: We secure ECS and EKS using services like Sysdig Felco, etc..
  • Logging: Security logging to – AWS CloudTrail, AWS CloudWatch, Elastic Search and Splunk.
  • and more…

Storage Services:

  • SAN (SSD/HDD): We configure HDS, EMC(DELL), Pure Storage, HPE 3Par, Violin Memory, Veritas VxVM, etc.. 
  • NAS: EMC, NetApp, ZFS Appliances, Samba.
  • SAN Switches: Brocade SAN and SAN Director switch configurations, infiniband mellanox switch
  • Backup: Veritas NetBackup

Hardware & Software Services:


– Platforms: Solaris 2.5-12.x, RHEL/CentOS & OEL 5.x-8.x.
– Cloud & Virtualization: Solaris Zones, OVM for SPARC, VMWare Vsphere, ESX/ESXi, KVM, Xen.
– Cloud Management/Provisioning: OpenStack/API’s, Puppet
– Monitoring: OEM cloud control, VCenter, Nagios, Python scripts.
– NoSQL: Cassandra, Neo4j, Redis, Oracle NoSQL
– Node.js, Angular, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap
– Scripting: Python, Django, Perl, PHP, Javascript, Shell.
– Oracle RAC 9i-12c, Informix 7.x-12.x, MySQL 4.x-5.x/6.x-7.x/8.x.
– Oracle iPlanet Web Server 11g.x, OTD 11g, Apache 1.x-2.x, Nginx, Drupal 6.x/7.x, MediaWiki 1.9-1.37.
– Oracle Identity Management Suite: OIM/IAM
– LDAP: Oracle OUD 11g/12, ODSEE 5.1-7.0/11g, Sun IDSync, AD.
– Check Point Firewall: 4.1/NG/R70+, WebSense web filtering.


Server Hardware & Load Balancers
– Oracle SPARC & x86: M7 SPARC Supercluster/T8/T7/T5-x/M5000/T1-T4-4/, x5/x4/x3,
– Apache Hadoop: CDH 5.x (HDFS, Hue, Spark, Hbase, Hive, Pig, Yarn), Oracle BDA/Bigdatasql
– Cisco UCS.
– HP G6/G7/G8/G9.
– InfiniBand: Oracle IB36, OVN (Xsigo) directors
– F5 BigIP LTM & GTM, NetScaler

Storage Hardware & SAN Director/Switches
– Brocade DCX, 7500, McData 6140, 1620, iFCP & FCiP, 4500.
– Violin Memory, 7×000 & 6×000
– Pure Storage FlashArray//m, FA-400
– Kaminario, K2
* SSD and HDD
– HDS: VSP/Sun 9985v(NSC55), EMC NS40 & CX320.
– HP: 3PAR 7200
– Hitachi Software (HDvM, HDT, HDP, HTnM, HRpM, HDLM), EMC unisphere.
– Oracle ZFSSA ZS4/ZS3, 7420c, 7320, Oracle Exadata, Sun VTL 3540, 6140 & 6540, Oracle SL150
– Symantec/Veritas VCS, VxVM, VxFS 3.x-6.x, NetBackup 5.1-7.6.

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