Month: July 2015


Make sure to install yum -y install qemu-kvm qemu-img virt-manager libvirt libvirt-python python-virtinst libvirt-client virt-install virt-viewer yum -y install kvm libvirt python-virtinst virt-top virt-manager virt-v2v virt-viewer vim pv Make sure to start/enable – Note: a reboot might be required servicectl start/enable libvirtd.service libvirtd.socket libvirt-guests.service Now run virt-manager

Redis installation and configuration

Increase the file descriptor limits ————————– * soft nofile 65000 * hard nofile 65000 —— compile the redis server cd /data/redis/src/ make To test just run ./redis-server ./redis-server ./redis-cli to install Just run make install To complete install cd utils ./ Welcome to the redis service installer This script will help you easily set up …

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Neo4j Installation, Configuration – 3 Node Example

How to Install and Configure a 3 node Neo4j Cluster First make sure to install the Oracle (Sun) version Java yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk.x86_64 To change the system to listen to the physical ip (not just localhost), un-comment the below neo4j/conf/ org.neo4j.server.webserver.address= To start the system in console mode – for setup/debug purpose Note: On Solaris …

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Installing, Configuring Cassandra DataStax Enterprise Version

Process to install and Configure a 3 Node Cassandra Cluster Casandra Ports and layouts 7199 – JMX (was 8080 pre Cassandra 0.8.xx) 7000 – Internode communication (not used if TLS enabled) 7001 – TLS Internode communication (used if TLS enabled) 9160 – Thrift client API 9042 – CQL native transport port Source Installing Casandra First …

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Instilling And Configuring (ELK)Elasticsearch

To install elasticsearch plugins by adding proxy (below Install a small cluster status utility bin/plugin -DproxyPort=8888 -DproxyHost= –verbose –install mobz/elasticsearch-head To start elasticsearch cd /opt/elasticsearch; ./bin/elasticsearch & To access the node status To Configure Kibana /opt/kibana/config/kibana.yml host: “” elasticsearch_url: “” Start kibana /opt/kibana/bin/kibana Logstash howto Create certificate cd /etc/pki/tls openssl req -x509 -nodes -newkey …

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Xsigo Linux – Manually Installing

Installing the Oracle OVN (Xsigo) Linux driver First, Install the firmware. For example: rpm -ivh .noarch.rpm Then, Install the kernel module. For example: rpm -ivh Next, Install the Oracle Virtual Networking user space application. For example: rpm -ivh oclovn-user.x86_64.rpm When the kernel is installed on the host, and the correct kernel and OFED version are …

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