alfresco install on linux

Before install remmber to add IP Address to /etc/hosts Download swftools, run configure –prefix=/usr install to /usr Install flash palyer 12 by donwloding from adobe, then  cp -r usr/* /usr Disbale linux firewall chkconfig ip6tables off, chkconfig iptables off , reboot yum install convert ImageMagick zlib-devel libjpeg-devel giflib-devel freetype-devel gcc gcc-c++ Install alfresco ./alfresco-community-4.2.e-installer-linux-x64.bin, only …

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Alfresco Installation And Configuration On Solaris

How to install and configure Alfresco on Solaris Install Solaris 11 First lets prepare the os, Install Solaris 11 global. Now lets configure and install a Solaris zone (since Alfresco will be running in a zone). Follow the below zone configuration to configure your Alfresco Solaris zone. zfs create -o mountpoint=/docs rpool/docs chmod 700 /docs …

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