Month: January 2014

How to install IB and Xsigo driver on Solaris x86

First install the reqired packges pkg install system/io/infiniband/open-fabrics system/io/infiniband/ethernet-over-ib system/io/infiniband/ib-device-mgt-agent system/io/infiniband/ib-sockets-direct system/io/infiniband/ip-over-ib system/io/infiniband/reliable-datagram-sockets system/io/infiniband/reliable-datagram-sockets-v3 system/io/infiniband/rpc-over-rdma system/io/infiniband/udapl driver/infiniband/connectx

sqlite help

sqlite help sqlite and perl inetrface

perl how to change from string to a number

Below you can asee a subrutine that will cause perl to undrtsnad this as numbers foreach (@full_cpu_data) {         $_ =~ s/K//;         @cpu_data = split(':', $_);         @cpu_data  = map { $_ += 0 } @cpu_data;            push @cpu_plot, { cpu => @cpu_data[3], core => @uptime[6], disk => @disk[4] };         $i++; }  

Solaris privlges

To find out what privileges are stopping you from running a command, you should run it under ppriv -eD command. For example: You can then use usermod -K … to assign the necessary privileges to a user. For example: $ usermod -K defaultpriv=basic,sys_resource,cpc_cpu username