Configuring NAT Using PF Firewall in Solaris 11 / 12 Zones

Solaris 11/12 PF Firewall NAT Configuration Below is an update on how to configure NAT in Solaris 11/12, the original post used IPfilter(IPF). Since Solaris now officially switched to the BSD firewall(PF) I created the updated example below. Assumptions The network used in the kernel zones are The network used on the global zone …

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How to add a new launcher/shortcut in Gnome 3.x

Adding a launcher shortcut in Gnome 3.x Example of a shortcut is below, place this in one of two places. /usr/share/applications/vlc.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/vlc.desktop [Desktop Entry] Version=1.0 Name=MPlayer Name[en_US]=MPlayer GenericName=Media player Comment=Read, broadcast your multimedia streams Terminal=false Icon[en_US]=/opt/SMM/mplayer/share/icons/hicolor/32×32/apps/mplayer.png Exec=/opt/SMM/mplayer/bin/gmplayer TryExec=/opt/SMM/mplayer/bin/gmplayer-org Terminal=false Type=Application Icon=/opt/SMM/mplayer/share/icons/hicolor/32×32/apps/mplayer.png Categories=AudioVideo;Player;Recorder; Keywords=Player;Capture;DVD;Audio;Video;Server;Broadcast; An example of a NetBeans shortcut /usr/share/applications/netbeans.desktop netbeans.desktop [Desktop Entry] Version=1.0 Type=Application …

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Linux Disk Management – Multipath Management

Contents 1 Cofiguring Multipathing 1.1 Install Multipath Package. 1.2 Enable The Multipathing Service. 1.3 List Multipath Disks 2 Zoning FC On Linux 2.1 Find the WWN for the Ports 2.2 Issuing a LIP on the HBA 2.3 Fibre Channel Commands 3 Disk Configuration. 3.1 About Device Names And Paths In A Multipath Configuration 3.1.1 Physical …

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Linux RAID & LVM

LVM stuff pvdisplay vgdisplay lvdisplay Check status cat /proc/mdstat cat /etc/mdadm.conf Make Raid 10 mdadm –create /dev/md30 –run –level=10 –chunk=4 –raid-devices=4 /dev/sda /dev/sdb /dev/sdd /dev/sdf mdadm –examine /dev/md30 mdadm –detail /dev/md30 Make file system mkfs.ext4 -O extent -b 4096 -E stride=128,stripe-width=128 -O ^has_journal /dev/md30 tune2fs -o journal_data_writeback /dev/md30 # append output to /etc/mdadm.conf mdadm –detail …

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Configuring Linux LDAP & SSSD

Follow the process below to get ldap working on Linux First, Disable the firewall (or configure to allow LDAP traffic). systemctl disable firewalld systemctl stop firewalld /etc/selinux/config SELINUX=disabled LDAP configuration # DC1 echo -n | openssl s_client -connect | sed -ne ‘/-BEGIN CERTIFICATE-/,/-END CERTIFICATE-/p’ > /etc/openldap/cacerts/ldap1.pem echo -n | openssl s_client -connect | …

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Creating a Linux Bond With vLan Tags

How to create a vlan interface and start at boot time. First check if the bounding module is loaded. lsmod | grep 8021q /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-solr DEVICE=solr TYPE=Ethernet BOOTPROTO=none ONBOOT=yes /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-solr.2018 DEVICE=solr.2018 IPADDR= NETWORK= NETMASK= GATEWAY= ONBOOT=yes BOOTPROTO=none USERCTL=no VLAN=yes To test just issue /etc/init.d/network restart or ifup [if_name] To remove the new vlan How to remove …

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Installing and configuring kvm on RHEL 7 and OL 7

Installing and configuring KVM on RHEL 7 and OL 7 Installing the required packages yum -y install qemu-kvm qemu-img virt-manager libvirt libvirt-python python-virtinst libvirt-client virt-install virt-viewer yum -y install kvm libvirt python-virtinst virt-top virt-manager virt-v2v virt-viewer vim pv Disable firewall (to get around some issues) systemctl stop firewalld systemctl disable firewalld Now, Start libvirt by …

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