IB cheat sheet

Enable switch port enableswitchport 10A Disable switch port disableswitchport 10A Disable ports if to many errors Remove ports (port 17b) from autodisable list autodisable del 17B L autodisable del 17B H display autodisable list autodisable list Note: if a port gets disabled because of errors run this enableswitchport –automatic 17B To get a list of …

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How To Turn Off rx/tx Chksums in Xsigo / Linux Driver

Modifying rx/tx Chksums in Linux Driver Using the Xsigo Driver To modify chksum offload to off on Linux To turn off on the fly – but wont stay after a reboot Firs, remove the module by running run rmmod xve Next, add back the module by running modprobe xve xs_seq_file=1 xve_no_tx_checksum_offload=1 modinfo xve For permanent …

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Xsigo management startup fails / how to fix that

How to fix Oracle OVN (Xsigo) startup errors xms startup will fail with log4j errors log4j:ERROR Error occured while converting date. java.lang.NullPointerException To fix the error stop xms service xms stop Changed log4j pattern in /opt/xsigo/xms/webapps/xms/WEB-INF/classes/log4j.xml From value=”%d %-5p: %c – %m%n” To value=”%d{yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss} Then start the xms, it should start with out any …

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How to install IB and Xsigo driver on Solaris x86

First install the reqired packges pkg install system/io/infiniband/open-fabrics system/io/infiniband/ethernet-over-ib system/io/infiniband/ib-device-mgt-agent system/io/infiniband/ib-sockets-direct system/io/infiniband/ip-over-ib system/io/infiniband/reliable-datagram-sockets system/io/infiniband/reliable-datagram-sockets-v3 system/io/infiniband/rpc-over-rdma system/io/infiniband/udapl driver/infiniband/connectx