Resetting Identity Sync IMQ DataBase

If an Active Directory server was add/replaced with a new one (with the same name), the usnNumber (AD replication tracking) numbers will be reset and ID sync will report changes out of sync

Oracle ODSEE perl Ldap logparser

Perl Script to parse ODSEE ldap logs. #!/usr/bin/perl use Tie::IxHash; tie %db, Tie::IxHash; ($file) = @ARGV if @ARGV; $file = ‘access’ unless -f $file; open(IN, “$file”) or die; while () { ## for raw ldap log # [20/Nov/2007:20:55:43 -0500] conn=251299755 op=491 msgId=571 – RESULT err=0 tag=101 nentries=967 etime=0 notes=U #if (/conn=(\d+).*?notes=U/) { $db{“$1”} ++; } …

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