If an Active Directory server was add/replaced with a new one (with the same name), the usnNumber (AD replication tracking) numbers will be reset and ID sync will report changes out of sync
For a list of fixes to Identity Sync common problems click here
To clean the idsync database

First stop the ID Sync demon

/etc/init.d/isw stop

Then Stop IMQ broker

/etc/init.d/imq stop

Make sure its stoped
ps -ef |egrep “imq|isw”

cd /var/opt/SUNWisw/persist/ADP101/oc/
rm ./__db*

cd data/
rm wpsyncdb.dat

cd logs/
rm log.0000000016

reStart IMQ broker

/etc/init.d/imq start

Start ID Sync

/etc/init.d/isw start

Reinitialize the id sync database

/opt/SUNWisw/bin/idsync resync -D "cn=manager" -w [password] -s dc=domain,dc=com -q [config password] -o Windows -u

/opt/SUNWisw/bin/idsync resync -D "cn=manager" -w [password]  -s dc=domain,dc=com -q [config password]

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