How to install IB and Xsigo driver on Solaris x86

First install the reqired packges pkg install system/io/infiniband/open-fabrics system/io/infiniband/ethernet-over-ib system/io/infiniband/ib-device-mgt-agent system/io/infiniband/ib-sockets-direct system/io/infiniband/ip-over-ib system/io/infiniband/reliable-datagram-sockets system/io/infiniband/reliable-datagram-sockets-v3 system/io/infiniband/rpc-over-rdma system/io/infiniband/udapl driver/infiniband/connectx

Backup tuning

Run onthe zone ipadm set-prop -p max_buf=16777216 tcp ipadm set-prop -p _cwnd_max=8388608 tcp ipadm set-prop -p send_buf=2097152 tcp ipadm set-prop -p recv_buf=2097152 tcp ipadm set-prop -p _conn_req_max_q=16384 tcp ipadm set-prop -p _conn_req_max_q0=16384 tcp Add to /etc/system on global zone set ip:ip_squeue_fanout=1 set ip:ip_soft_rings_cnt =32

solaris 11.1 ipmp configuration

dladm create-part -l net4 -P FFFF backup1 dladm create-part -l net8 -P FFFF backup2 ipadm create-ip backup1 ipadm create-ip backup2 ipadm create-addr -T static -a backup1/v4 ipadm create-addr -T static -a backup2/v4 ipadm create-addr -T static -a backup0/v4 ipadm create-ipmp backup0 ipadm add-ipmp -i backup1 -i backup2 backup0 ipadm remove-ipmp -i …

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