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Just published Version 0.7 of the Solaris DevOps Manager, full details plus code are available on my Github repository

Version 0.7

Added / Enhancement: This version greatly improves / simplifies all configuration modifications by using the Python ConfigParser module.

With this version, all configuration details are modified in a new separate configuration file devops_config.ini.
Note: This means the Python ConfigParser module is now a required module.

Updated: The main program was re-named to, for clearance.

Added: With this version you can enable an LDAP supported profile, by enabling LDAP support in the devops_config.ini configuration file.
Note: You can also list/specify a list of certificates to be installed at zone cloning time.

Enhanced: With this version you can enable NFS mount support, by enabling NFS support in the devops_config.ini configuration file.

With this version, you can specify a list of NFS mounts in the devops_config.ini to be configured/mounted at cloning time.

Added: With this version you can add additional services with the devops_config.ini configuration file.

With this version you can also specfy a list of file systems to be cloned.
Note: We are using an external databse with the configuration files stored on a ZFS appliance, being cloned at runtime.

Updated: This version modifies / adds to the -r option, you can now specify -r app or -r db

The -r db, will rotate / create a new ZFS snapshot of the database mount, re-mount the file system, stop/start the DB.
Note: You are not required to use a database mount, this can be enabled/disabled in the devops_config.ini configuration file.

Enhancement: This version catches/fixes a number of application errors, better port allocation/releasing, etc..

Added/Updated: With this version a new structure was created/added a sub directory of bin and of conf

All required files like sc_profile, LDAP certficates, SMF xml files shuld be placed in the conf directory, and all startup scripts shuld be placed in the bin directory.

For additional details please check out the git repository here.

For a batter explanation you can check out Part 1 and Part 2 on how Creating A DevOps Like Environment In Oracle Solaris.

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