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CoreOS Kubernetes configuration generator, updated to support Kubernetes 1.13.x

Kubernetes configuration generator now configures/supports Kubernetes version 1.13.x, RBAC, Bottstraping and much more.

Version 0.7

NEW! version 0.7 works with Kubernetes 1.13.1+
  • NEW: Updated the script to configure / work with Kubernetes 1.13.1. Note: The current updated version will most likely not work with older Kubernetes versions. i.e. pre 1.13.x versions.
  • Added: This version automatically configures role based access(RBAC).
  • Added: Automatic Node bootstrapping – includes auto SSL signing with tokens.
  • Update: Updated Flannel from version 0.9.0 to version 0.10.0.
  • Update: Updated etcd from version 3.2.17 to version 3.2.9.
  • Tested: This version was tested with CoreOS stable version 1911.5.0 and Alpha version 1995.0.0.
The generator is available on my GitHub repository here . you can just clone the repository, by running the below.
git clone
cd coreos-kubernetes-generator
Explanations / documentation is available here. Note: The original documentation is a bit outdated – its referring to Kubernetes version 1.8.x. however most of the steps are same/similar. A more complete up to data example of Kubernetes version 1.13.x example is available here – using a CentOS example. You might also like – Other articles related to Docker Kubernetes / micro-service. Like what you’re reading? please provide feedback, any feedback is appreciated.
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