Installing the Oracle OVN (Xsigo) Linux driver

First, Install the firmware. For example:

rpm -ivh .noarch.rpm

Then, Install the kernel module. For example:

rpm -ivh 

Next, Install the Oracle Virtual Networking user space application. For example:

rpm -ivh oclovn-user.x86_64.rpm

When the kernel is installed on the host, and the correct kernel and OFED version are set as the first item in the kernel, enable the Oracle Virtual Networking service, which is named xsigo

Enabling the Oracle Virtual Networking Service

Activate the Oracle Virtual Networking Service.

chkconfig xsigo on

Verify that the Oracle Virtual Networking service is on:

chkconfig -list xsigo
xsigo 0:off Step 3 1:off 2:on 3:on 4:on 5:on 6:off

Reboot the host, for the change to take effect and start properly.
Note: By default, the orclovn-user package chooses the first UEK kernel from your current grub.conf file.
Wait until the host reboots, then proceed to the next section.

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