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While using Thunderbird to pop e-mail, I had to configure a proxy to see remote images in e-mails. Problem After configuring the proxy address pop would stop to work at all. After troubleshooting the issue, it appears after configuring the proxy, Thunderbird will try to use an old configured proxy.
By going to Preferences > Advance > Settings Specifying a different proxy made no change, while trying to add my ip address in the proxy exclude list didn’t help ether. The solution was After digging in to the issue, I found my old proxy in the localstore.rdf file.
I modified the localstore.rdf file with the new proxy ip, and all started working.
The file location is usually under ~/.thunderbird/[a7k7v1qs.default] replace a7k7v1qs.default with your profile name Note: Evan its not recommended to modify this file by hand, in my case it was the only solution that worked.
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