Note: The PHP plug we use on the intranet today taken from here and here, will not work with Informix-PDO
Because it was compiled with Thread Safety: Enabled and Informix-PDO compiles with Thread Safety: Disabled causing a mismatch

Sun Web Server PHP installation

Install PHP from the Sun Cool Stack (current version is 1.3.1) get it from here

This is a list depending packages needed.


Add PHP support to your web server instance

cd /opt/coolstack/php5/

This script will configure Coolstack PHP with Sun Java System Web Server 7
Here, you will need to provide the top level location of your Web Server 7
installation and your Web Server 7 instance_name name to which this script
should configure to run PHP scripts.

Enter your Web Server installation location(/sun/webserver7) : /opt/webserver7
Enter your Web Server instance name to configure with PHP(https-dev1): https-dev1

UPDATED: /opt/webserver7/https-dev1/config/magnus.conf
UPDATED: /opt/webserver7/https-dev1/config/obj.conf
UPDATED: /opt/webserver7/https-dev1/config/mime.types

Setup was sucessful.

/opt/coolstack/php5 # /opt/webserver7/bin/wadm --user=admin --host=dev1 --port=3335
Please enter admin-user-password>

pull-config --config=dev1 dev1

deploy-config dev1

Note: First pull the config using the commend line, then deploy and restart the web server instance

Oracle PHP-PDO installation

Download the libraries from Oracle available here
Download the list of packages below

  • Instant Client Package Basic: All files required to run OCI, OCCI, and JDBC-OCI applications
  • sqlplus package
  • sdk package

Extract all the packages in /usr/local/instantclient

packages list:

cd /usr/local/instantclient
ln -s
ln -s
ln -s /usr/local/instantclient/ /lib/
  • install libxml2-2.6.31-sol10 (don’t use 2.6.4 as its to new)

Download PHP source from here and run

./configure --with-oci8=shared,instantclient,/usr/local/instantclient --with-pdo-oci=shared,instantclient,/usr/local/instantclient,

Don’t run make install

Copy from the PHP source to coolstack path

cp [php_source]/modules/ /opt/coolstack/php5/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20060613/
cp [php_source]/modules/ /opt/coolstack/php5/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20060613/

Add the new extension to /opt/coolstack/php5/lib/php.ini

restart the web server instance

Informix PHP-PDO installation

Install m4 version 1.4.x get it from here

Download PDO Informix the page is here and the download is here
Compile from source

cd pdo_informix[source version]


./configure --with-php-config=/opt/coolstack/php5/bin/php-config --with-pdo-informix=/usr/informix
make install

Or copy the module manually:
cp modules/ /opt/coolstack/php5/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20060613/

Add the new extension to /opt/coolstack/php5/lib/php.ini


restart the web server instance

Cool stack PHP tips

  • To set a proxy for automatically package download
/opt/coolstack/php5/bin/pear config-set http_proxy http://user:password@
  • To list all settings
/opt/coolstack/php5/bin/pear config-show
  • To list all download channels
/opt/coolstack/php5/bin/pear list-channels

Some examples
Download mdb2 for oci8(Oracle) here

  • Install PHP MDB database support
/opt/coolstack/php5/bin/pear install /tmp/user/MDB2_Driver_oci8-1.4.1.tgz
/opt/coolstack/php5/bin/pear install pear/MDB2#oci8

To test php and get all available modules just create a file phpinfo.php with this content

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