After mirroring the device or zfs send install the bootblock
installboot -F zfs /usr/platform/`uname -i`/lib/fs/zfs/bootblk /dev/rdsk/c0t1d0s0

First we need to get the lun paths, just run the below to get that

{0} ok show-disks
a) /pci@500/pci@0/pci@c/SUNW,qlc@0,1/fp@0,0/disk
b) /pci@500/pci@0/pci@c/SUNW,qlc@0/fp@0,0/disk
c) /iscsi-hba/disk

Next get the disk id’s, just run the below to get that.

{0} ok probe-scsi-all
-- snip --
QLogic QLE2462  Host Adapter FCode(SPARC): 2.01  03/27/08
Firmware version 4.03.01
Adapter portID - 120100
************** Fabric Attached Devices **************

 Dev# 6(6)   PortID 120511    Port WWN 50060e80164e9d1a
  LUN   ff(255)    DISK  HITACHI OPEN-V      -SUN7003
  LUN  100(256)    DISK  HITACHI OPEN-V      -SUN7003
  LUN  101(257)    DISK  HITACHI OPEN-V      -SUN7003
  LUN  102(258)    DISK  HITACHI OPEN-V      -SUN7003
  LUN  103(259)    DISK  HITACHI OPEN-V      -SUN7003
  LUN  104(260)    DISK  HITACHI OPEN-V      -SUN7003
  LUN  105(261)    DISK  HITACHI OPEN-V      -SUN7003
  LUN  106(262)    DISK  HITACHI OPEN-V      -SUN7003
  LUN  107(263)    DISK  HITACHI OPEN-V      -SUN7003
  LUN  108(264)    DISK  HITACHI OPEN-V      -SUN7003
  LUN  109(265)    DISK  HITACHI OPEN-V      -SUN7003
  LUN  10a(266)    DISK  HITACHI OPEN-V      -SUN7003
  LUN  10b(267)    DISK  HITACHI OPEN-V      -SUN7003  --- this is the boot disk

So the path is:

/pci@500/pci@0/pci@c/SUNW,qlc@0/fp@0,0/disk + @ + w50060e80164e9d1a + 10b:a  (the a is because the / is in the s0 partition)

Next lets try to boot, by running the below.

ok> boot /pci@500/pci@0/pci@c/SUNW,qlc@0/fp@0,0/disk@w50060e80164e9d1a,10b:a -svV

Boot device: /pci@500/pci@0/pci@c/SUNW,qlc@0/fp@0,0/disk@w50060e80164e9d1a,10b:a File and args: -svV
module /platform/SUNW,T5240/kernel/sparcv9/unix: text at [0x1000000, 0x10bd8b5] data at 0x1800000
module /platform/SUNW,T5240/kernel/sparcv9/genunix: text at [0x10bd8b8, 0x129c097] data at 0x18d7d00
module /platform/SUNW,T5240/kernel/misc/sparcv9/platmod: text at [0x129c098, 0x129c0af] data at 0x192ec38
module /platform/SUNW,T5240/kernel/cpu/sparcv9/SUNW,UltraSPARC-T2+: text at [0x129c0c0, 0x12a2147] data at 0x192f380SunOS Release 5.10 Version Generic_144488-04 64-bit

You might also need to set the bootfs, you do so by running the below.

zpool set bootfs=rpool/ROOT/[zfsBE-name] rpool

You can Also create an alais to the first and second hba, then save with nvalias, you do so by running the below.

nvalias diskPA /pci@306/pci@1/SUNW,qlc@0/disk@21000024ff594b92,1:a
nvalias diskPB /pci@306/pci@1/SUNW,qlc@0/disk@21000024ff59bf1e,1:a

Now save the alias as the boot order like the below, a reset is required to take effect.

setenv boot-device diskPA diskPB

reset-all (needed to save the new alias)

Note: to un-alias just run nvunalias, for example nvunalias diskPA

Can not boot from SAN LUN Oracle (Doc ID 1504570.1).
Oracle Support direct link

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