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Example of an Oracle VM for SPARC configuration on a T5-2

Click here for a T5-4 complete configuration example Click here for an example of a T4 configuration Need to reset a domain to factory default Click here for a complete example.

Primary domain config

ldm add-vcc port-range=5000-5100 primary-vcc0 primary
svcadm enable svc:/ldoms/vntsd:default
ldm set-core 16 primary
ldm set-memory 255G primary

Primary network config

T5-2 ldom config

ldm create app1-global
ldm set-core 16 app1-global
ldm set-memory 255G app1-global
ldm set-variable auto-boot\?=false app1-global

Configure CD-Rom for OS install

ldm add-vdiskserver primary-vds0 primary
ldm add-vdsdev options=ro /var/tmp/sol-11_1-text-sparc.iso iso1@primary-vds0
ldm add-vdisk vdisk_iso iso1@primary-vds0 app1-global
Make sure the complete the below connections
  • Configure DCX/FC switch zoning for SAN boot Disk
  • Configure PCI bus / Ethernet & FC slots
  • Save the ldom config / configure ldom auto save

configure ldom auto save

svccfg -s ldmd setprop ldmd/autorecovery_policy=3
svcadm refresh ldmd

Save the ldom config

ldm add-spconfig initial

Remove PCI bus from the primary domain

Note: first run ldm start-reconf primary

Remove PCI bus 0 and PCI 2 (its 0 based)

ldm remove-io pci_0 primary
ldm remove-io pci_2 primary

Assign PCI bus to the other T5-2 domain

ldm add-io pci_0 app1-global
ldm add-io pci_2 app1-global

To add/remove an individual card (we did not used this config)

To add an individual card

ldm remove-io /SYS/PCI-EM12 primary
ldm remove-io /SYS/PCI-EM14 primary

To remove an individual card

ldm add-io /SYS/PCI-EM12 [domain_name]
ldm add-io /SYS/PCI-EM14 [domain_name]

Note: A reboot is required at this point for changes to take effect

Complete Ldom binding and startup

ldm bind app1-global
ldm start app1-global
telnet localhost 5000
boot vdisk_iso:f

Appendix A

T5-4 root domain diagram
T5-4 root domain diagram
T5-2 root domain diagram
T4-4 root domain diagram


LDOM availability best practices

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