To obtain the ILOM serial number

Type the following command:

show /SYS product_serial_number

The following is an example of the results of this command

product_serial_number = 0723BBC006

This serial number should always match the serial number returned by service tags on the host; it should also match the serial number on the label located on the front of the chassis.

Another way to obtain the ILOM serial number

To open a case at the SUNs customer care center you need at least the System Name and the System Serial Number. But somtimes you dont have access to the server room (e.g. alarm system). In such a case it is very easy to get the SN with the ipmi command line tool. Just enter the following command at your workstation and replace {IP} with the IP address of your iLOM service processor and {PW} with the iLOM`s root password:

ipmitool -v -H {IP} -U root -P {PW} fru | grep /SYS -A 5

In the output you will find all required informations to open a case.

FRU Device Description : /SYS (ID 20)
Product Manufacturer  : SUN MICROSYSTEMS
Product Name          : SUN FIRE X4200 M2   
Product Part Number   : 602-3891-01
Product Serial        : 0116SL46F2
Product Extra         : 080020FFFFFFFFFFFFFF00144F7DB00A
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