How to create a Solaris IPS PKG

The below example creates a Solaris pkg from the Nagios application, you can then publishes the pkg to a Solaris repository. Note: To see how-to publish this pkg to a Solaris repository click here Extract legacy pkg to temp directory mkdir nrpe-pkg-source nagios-plugins-pkg-source pkgtrans nagios-plugins-1.4.16-sol10-i386-local nagios-plugins-pkg-source pkgtrans nrpe-2.14-sol10-i386-local nrpe-pkg-source Create a directory with all files …

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Nginx SMF for Solaris – Allowing Users Starting Nginx With SMF

Assigning access to any user to start Nginx Below are the steps needed to a user that will be allowed to start Nginx with the Solaris SMF system. Add to /etc/user_attr nginx::::auths=solaris.smf.manage.nginx Or just run usermod -A solaris.smf.manage.nginx nginx Add to /etc/security/auth_attr.d/local-entries solaris.smf.manage.nginx:::enable, disable and refresh nginx:: Create the service

Testing DNS performance – perl script

Use the perl script below to check your DNS performance. Make sure to replace the search string and your DNS provider IP address. #!/usr/bin/perl @ns = @ARGV; push(@ns,’′, ‘’) unless @ns; $domain = “”; use Net::DNS; use Time::HiRes; # high resolution timing required use Time::Stopwatch; use Number::Format qw(:subs); use Statistics::Descriptive; tie my $time, ‘Time::Stopwatch’; # …

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Solaris 11 Kerberos Master/Slave Configuration

How to configure in Solaris 11 Kerberos Master/Slave Kerberos Server config pkg install system/security/kerberos-5 Note1: Make sure host name is in dns Note2: Make sure ntp is up on master and slave kdcmgr -a kws/admin -r create master Note: kws is the admin user kdcmgr status Now configure the slave Note: krb-srv-a is the …

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