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Below are notes on how to root your fire Amazon HD 8 (and what I have used successfully). then disabling ota and the fire launcher. I was lucky that my device was only updated to 5.3.2 and not, which can’t be rolled back and is/was unrootable at the time of this writeup.
Most of the notes below I collected from various xda forms, they are documented below.
FOR 2016(6th GEN) ON 5.3.1 AND ONLY: Works on HD8 and HD10 Confirm you are on 5.3.1. or You can downgrade from 5.3.2 by adb sideload the bin file. DO NOT downgrade from!! Hard-brick attention!!
HD firmware Download links Root instructions Proper Proceeder Steps to role back your device device
adb reboot recovery

# or
# while unit is off, hold down volume down and power button
Note: the process below downgrades your device to Wait for reboot, and run
adb devices
adb sideload update-kindle-
Reboot when done.
Get the latest Kingo-app from Install ES explorer – needed for the kingoroot app install (enable unknown sources).
adb install es-file-explorer-[latest-version].apk
Copy with explorer the kingoroot & the kingo root remove script(s). Note: Make sure to unzip/extract the “kingo root remove script” locally, then copy the unzipped files.
Download Kingo-app remove scripts – end of post on xda, or direct link xda remove scripts & su bundle
Install kingoroot by clicking on the apk, be patient it may take time. make sure to reboot the device to function properly, once rooting is completed su should now work.
Now that su works, you can remove the kingo app. cd to the directory you copied the kingo app remove scripts, for example “/sdcard/”, and run the below.
adb devices
adb shell
mount -w -o remount /system

cd /sdcard/
cp ./su /system/xbin/daemonsu
chmod 0755 /system/xbin/daemonsu
daemonsu -d &

# You can also try this to install su (might not work).
adb install "eu.chainfire.supersu_2.79-SR3-279_minAPI7(nodpi)"

# or just run
cp ./su /system/xbin/su
chmod 0755 /system/xbin/su
rm /system/xbin/supolicy
rm /system/bin/
rm -rf /system/usr/iku
rm -rf /sdcard/Kingroot
Note: Make sure before you reboot, go to settings->default->access. change prompt to grant to superSU.
Once reboot is completed, its now a good time to disable OTA and maybe fire launcher. Disable ota and fire launcher, once rooting is completed.
* to disable evil diabolical OTAs:
adb shell
pm hide
pm disable
pm hide
pm disable
pm hide
pm disable

Navigate to /system/priv-app/DeviceSoftwareOTA/ and rename DeviceSoftwareOTA.apk to something else, ie. DeviceSoftwareOTA.apk_bak
Most of the above process I used successfully, thanks to xda developers (links above) made thinks easy.
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