How to install & configure Puppet server – part one

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Below you will find how to install & configure Puppet server on Solaris.
Part of my DevOps effort I am testing Puppet and Chef server, especially how they work with a Solaris environment.
Note: Part of the documentation below is Solaris specific This guide is using puppet version 4.7

How to install puppet (server and or client)

Note:The below install is needed for hiera

To configure the server

Now enable the server

To configure the client run on the client

To use the agent you need to check in, and then sign the cert.

Now enable the agent on the client

Now lets configure the manifest and client structure

Create global site.pp main manifest file
Note: The modules directory name has to be all lowercase
The example below uses default (empty), and two nodes defined, more below.

The below example will create the zfs file system (using the build in zfs module), and will create the file “example-ip-file” in /tmp

Modules are very similar, create a file under modules > [module_name] > manifests > init.pp

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