To change the Oracle SQL listner to SDP

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Change pga size, set the pga to at least 32gb

>Set to the number of cores

show parameter gcs_server - 16;

Change DB options to

filesystemio_options     setall

To change listner to SDP

crsctl modify resource ora.LISTENER.lsnr -attr "ENDPOINTS=SDP:1521"

crsctl modify resource ora.LISTENER_SCAN1.lsnr -attr "ENDPOINTS=SDP:1521"
crsctl modify resource ora.LISTENER_SCAN2.lsnr -attr "ENDPOINTS=SDP:1521"
crsctl modify resource ora.LISTENER_SCAN3.lsnr -attr "ENDPOINTS=SDP:1521"

Note: The below setting made issues in our environment

ndd -set /dev/udp udp_do_checksum 0

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