Moving Oracle database SPfile from 4k to 512b

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SSD Arrays and using 4k blocks

Some SSD arrays will perform badly or not work at all when used for Database files.
The example below was used with a Violin Memory Array, but the same is can be any of the new SSD vendors.
Note: The solution below will only work on Linux with asmlib and will not work on Solaris 11.1 and db  11.2.03.
For Solaris you have to make sure to use 512 (sector) in vilion and use 4k blocks when installing the Oracle db.
How to move the spfile from 4k to 512b after ASM is installed and configured

  • Use asmca To configure the SP (512b) ASM group
  • asmcmd -p spget
  • sqlplus / as sysdba
  • create pfile=’/usr/grid/spfile-neto.ora’ from spfile=’+DATA/asm/asmparameterfile/registry.253.849973443′;

How and why 4k SPfile will not work

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