Oracle Ops center 12c Using Oracle DB 11g Troubleshooting

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Oracle Grid infrastructure Notes

Doing the install, Oracle ASM allocation unit size was set to 8

Grid install

The doc/patch number at is: 10404530
The db install is on disk 1 &2
The grid install is on disk 3
install slim_install – pkg install slim_install
Install missing library – pkg install pkg://solaris/library/motif
emdb rw user: usera
emdb rw password: password
emdb ro user: userb
emdb ro password: password

Helpful commends

Make sure the oracle listener is up or start-it

Note: Make sure only the disk slice used by ASM to give Oracle access otherwise it wont start (on x86 its p0)

General help…

DB session / process tuning

Appendix A

Appendix B

cat /etc/project

Appendix C

How to turn on debug mode

Access the R/W mode via

Note: No root password will be asked, so make sure to disable if not needed.

THEN: lets troubleshot the issue

  • Go in your browser[8082]/xvm/
  • After login you will be on EC – Ops Center Domain Model Navigator .
  • At left you have ‘Managed Resource Types ‘ , please click on ‘OperatingSystem’
  • Please identify at “UFN’ column the asset you want to remove.
  • Click on it (need to start with ‘NORM-‘) or the IP of asset at ‘Name’ column
  • Now you need get ‘Normalization Info’, at ‘Friendly Name’ it needs to appear ‘‘ name (or asset in question you tried to remove) .
  • Just navigate to the end of the page (of Normalized bean) and Click on the ‘UnRegister’ button
  • Now try to remove the asset from BUI.
  • If the asset still appear in BUI after you removed it, return steps above but change to ‘Server’ (step 3) . these are the steps I am using while having old entries

NEXT: Once completed

Go back to Domain Model read only mode as follows :


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