Creating a Solaris package

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Creating pkgadd Software Packages under Solaris

Note: For a how-to crate a Solaris 11/12 PKG and publish to a repo click here
Note: For a how-to publish a Solaris pkg to a Solaris repository click here

Select your software

  • Create a directory in /tmp/sol_pkg, and copy your files and folders to this directory.
  • Create a prototype file

Modify your prototype file and add a pkginfo line and a postinstall line

Create your pkginfo file

cat pkginfo

Create the script

cat Agent8.1_b2070255/

Create the postinstall script

cat postinstall

Create the package

Translate in the a real package

Install the package if you like

Install with Ops Center

To Install with Ops Center you will have to gzip first the package

Upload the gzip package file to Ops Center

Helpful References

Creating pkgadd Software Packages under Solaris