Hardware Requirements

Before you start

Note: At the time of writing this document only Some Qlogic HBA cards are supported as “Target Mode” to use in an NetBackup SAN Media Server
For a list of supported Fiber Chanel HBA cards Click here

NetBackup Media Server configuration

Make sure the NetBackup Media Server is running 6.52A

Before you start make sure the NetBackup 6.52A is installed and running on the Master and Media Server used
Note: If NetBackup 6.52A is not installed the HBA Target Mode Drivers will not work

Unload the default HBA initiator drivers

For a NetBackup Media Server to work with a SAN Client it will needed a dedicate HBA setup in target mode
By default all HBA are configured as an initiator to change that run

nbftsrv_config -nbhba

Installing nbhba driver.
Uninstalled WinDriver for FT Server mode.
Waiting for driver references to ql2300_stub to free up (this may take some time).

The following driver aliases need to be removed:
qlc "pci1077,2312"
qlc "pci1077,2422"
qlc "pciex1077,2432"

Would you like to run update_drv to remove these now? [y,n] (y) y
Done copying driver into system directories.

Would you like to run update_drv to remove these now? [y,n] (y) y
Done copying driver into system directories.
Done adding driver.
Installed driver for nbhba mode.

touch /reconfigure
init 6

Mark the ports used in target mode

We now need to mark the ports which will be running in target mode
First get the HBA WWN

nbhba -l
1 2432 21:00:00:1B:32:15:81:29 "QLE2462 " 0 1 8143
2 2432 21:01:00:1B:32:35:81:29 "QLE2462 " 1 1 8143

Change the ports to target mode
nbhba -modify -wwn 21:00:00:1B:32:15:81:29 -wwn 21:01:00:1B:32:35:81:29 -mode target

Load the target mode driver

To complete the HBA target mode configuration after marking the ports


Installing the Jungo WinDriver and Fibre Transport Server.
Uninstalled WinDriver for FT Server mode.
Waiting for driver references to ql2300_stub to free up (this may take some time).

The following automatic startup and shutdown scripts (respectively) have
been installed.  They will cause the NetBackup Fibre Transport Server daemon
to be automatically shut down and restarted each time the system boots.


Adding "pci1077,2312" "pci1077,2422" "pci1077,2432" "pciex1077,2432" to qlc.

The script may add the following driver aliases to qlc:
 "pci1077,100" "pci1077,101" "pci1077,102" "pci1077,104" "pci1077,105" "pci1077,109" "pci1077,10a" "pci1077,10b" "pci1077,133" "pci1077,134" "pci1077,137" "pci1077,138" "pci1077,140" "pci1077,141" "pci1077,144" "pci1077,145" "pci1077,146" "pci1077,148" "pci1077,154" "pci1077,2312.1077.100" "pci1077,2312.1077.101" "pci1077,2312.1077.102" "pci1077,2312.1077.104" "pci1077,2312.1077.105" "pci1077,2312.1077.109" "pci1077,2312.1077.10a" "pci1077,2312.1077.10b" "pci1077,2422.1077.133" "pci1077,2422.1077.134" "pci1077,2422.1077.140" "pci1077,2422.1077.141" "pci1077,2422.1077.145" "pciex1077,117" "pciex1077,118" "pciex1077,137" "pciex1077,138" "pciex1077,142" "pciex1077,143" "pciex1077,144" "pciex1077,146" "pciex1077,147" "pciex1077,154" "pciex1077,2432.1077.117" "pciex1077,2432.1077.118" "pciex1077,2432.1077.137" "pciex1077,2432.1077.138" "pciex1077,2432.1077.142" "pciex1077,2432.1077.143" "pciex1077,2432.1077.147"

Would you like to run update_drv to do this now? [y,n] (y) y

The following driver aliases need to be removed:
qlc "pci1077,2312"
qlc "pci1077,2422"
qlc "pci1077,2432"
qlc "pciex1077,2432"

Would you like to run update_drv to remove these now? [y,n] (y) y
Done copying driver into system directories.
Done adding driver.
Installed WinDriver for FT Server mode.

touch /reconfigure
init 6

NetBackup SAN Configuration

SAN Port Configuration

Note: The Media Server Ports on the switch needs to be changed to an “F” port

Configure NetBackup zoning

Add the fowling WWN to each SAN client’s zone
Note: You will have to change the Switch FT server (Media servers) ports from “G” type to “F” type

On sw1:
  Zone:  db1_NB_FT_service
    Zone Member:  21:00:00:1B:32:15:D4:2C	-	bkm1
    Zone Member:  21:00:00:1B:32:15:81:29	-	bkm2
    Zone Member:  21:00:00:1B:32:15:FD:2C	-	bkm3
On sw2:
Zone:  db2_NB_FT_service
    Zone Member:  21:01:00:1B:32:35:D4:2C	-	bkm1
    Zone Member:  21:01:00:1B:32:35:81:29	-	bkm2
    Zone Member:  21:01:00:1B:32:35:FD:2C	-	bkm3


Media Server Switch Port Layout

Server Port Number
Server Port Number

Make sure to install the latest nbftsrvr binary from symantec

Original NetBackup only supported “L” Port’s, to get the Media Servers working with McData “F” Port’s, there is a new binary that needs to be applied on each Media server used in this configuration

1) stop the NetBackup services specified in Additional Notes
2) make a copy of the existing files that are being replaced
3) install the files listed above into the proper destination directory

       NOTE: the newly-installed files must have the same file permissions
and owner as the original files!

4) start the NetBackup services
Additional Notes:

./nbftsrvr -terminate
copy backup nbfdrv64
copy new nbfdrv64 over
to /usr/openv/netbackup/bin

Please verify file checksum(s) against list below by running ‘cksum’:

3808607124 1869800 all/nbfdrv64

Client Installation and Configuration

Make sure the NetBackup Client is running 6.52A

If the NetBackup Client is not running 6.52A push out the latest client
To push out the latest client

On bkmaster:
/usr/openv/netbackup/client/Solaris/Solaris10/ssh_to_client client_name

Install NetBackup PBX

You need to install Netcbackup – PBX

Enable NetBackup SAN client

To Enable NetBackup SAN client and Auto Start at bootup

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpclntcmd -sanclient 1

Configure the SAN client st.conf

Add / Change the st.conf with this entry’s

"ARCHIVE Python", "FT Pipe", "ARCH_04106";
ARCH_04106    = 1, 0x2C,    0, 0x09639, 4, 0x00, 0x8C, 0x8C, 0x8C, 3;

name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=0;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=1;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=2;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=3;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=4;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=5;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=6;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=7;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=8;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=9;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=10;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=11;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=12;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=13;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=14;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=15;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=16;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=17;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=18;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=19;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=20;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=21;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=22;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=23;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=24;
name="st" class="scsi" target=0 lun=25;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=0;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=1;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=2;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=3;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=4;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=5;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=6;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=7;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=8;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=9;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=10;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=11;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=12;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=13;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=14;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=15;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=16;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=17;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=18;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=19;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=20;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=21;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=22;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=23;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=24;
name="st" class="scsi" target=1 lun=25;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=0;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=1;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=2;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=3;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=4;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=5;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=6;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=7;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=8;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=9;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=10;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=11;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=12;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=13;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=14;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=15;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=16;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=17;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=18;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=19;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=20;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=21;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=22;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=23;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=24;
name="st" class="fp" target=0 lun=25;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=0;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=1;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=2;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=3;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=4;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=5;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=6;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=7;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=8;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=9;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=10;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=11;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=12;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=13;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=14;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=15;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=16;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=17;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=18;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=19;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=20;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=21;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=22;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=23;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=24;
name="st" class="fp" target=1 lun=25;
---- snip ----

touch /reconfigure
init 6

Oracle RMAN and NetBackup Installation

First you will need to push out the agent
To Install (push out) NetBackup For Oracle RMAN agent on the master server

# Get client list:
/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpplclients -allunique -noheader |grep client_name >/tmp/foo.out

#Push out the database agent:
/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/update_dbclients Oracle -ClientList /tmp/foo.out

NetBackup RMAN Agent Configuration On the SAN client

Create the NetBackup client configration

mkdir /usr/openv/netbackup/ext/db_ext/oracle/config
cd /usr/openv/netbackup/ext/db_ext/oracle/config

Copy a sample configuration and modify as needed

cp ../samples/rman/ .

Modify the configuration script

Add: This is needed to be able to run from commend line.

if [ $0 = "./" ];then
echo "Usage: Must run with full path."
exit 0

Change to:
Change to:
Change to:
Change to:
TARGET_CONNECT_STR=[type our password]

Setup and Configure a NetBackup policy

In the NetBackup console > NetBackup Managment > Policies > New Policy
Create a policy with the name BKM-Oracle-cluster
Under Attributes > Policy type Oracle
Under Schedules > Setup Schedules as needed
Under Clients > Add clients as needed
Under Backup Selections > /usr/openv/netbackup/ext/db_ext/oracle/config/

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