To update Kafka on an Oracle BDA (or on CM), follow the process below

Log into CM as admin user and check if KAFKA parcel is available for download.

Go to Hosts –> Parcels

Check if KAFKA parcel is available for download

Note: Version may differ depending on CDH 5.4.* release

If your BDA can access the internet with/without proxy then you can click on download.

If proxy server is needed to connect to internet from BDA, then follow below steps for adding Proxy Server in Cloudera Manager

  • Go to Administration –> Settings –> Network
  • In Proxy Server add your proxy server. Example:
  • In Proxy Port add your proxy’s port. Example: 80
  • Click on Save Changes.
  • Once the proxy is added , Cloudera Manager needs to be restarted .

Log in CM node (generally node 3) as root user restart the cloudera-scm-server:

Source Oracle Document ID 2043947.1

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