How To Create An Oracle Solaris 113/11.4 IPS/PKG Nagios Plugins Package

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How to create An Oracle Solaris 11 IPS/PKG Nagios Plugins Package

The example below creates a Solaris Nagios Plugins package, I then show you how to publishes the Nagios pkg to your repository.

Download required software

First, download the latest NRPE and Nagios-plugins, you can download the Nagios plugins from here and the latest NRPE from Github.

Copy the files to a SPARC and x86 server’s for compiling.

Compiling Nagios SPARC and x86

Extract the two Nagios packages.

Next, create the compile script.


Note: You can copy the compiled files directly if you don’t wont to run make install.

Prepare the Nagios package directory

Next, lets create the necessary directory’s for Nagios SPARC and x86 package.

Copy the Nagios files to the respective directory’s, by fowling the below.

Create the startup XML as nagios-monitor.xml in both nagios nagios-x86.

We are now ready to create the package.

Generate and Transform the manifest

Lets generate a nagios manifest, I will be using one for SPARC and one for x86 (you can combine them latter if you like).

Create a transform file, this will transform/change the owner and group to nagios.

Now, lets transform the file

Next, make the below changes to the nagios.p5m.1-transform and nagios-x86.p5m.1-transform

  1. Change back owner / group root/sys to directory’s like /opt /etc, etc..
  2. remove any related dir or files to lib/svc/manifest/site, this will simplify things

Next, we area going to add a few other package related settings.
open the file nagios.p5m.1-transform and nagios-x86.p5m.1-transform, add to the beginning of the file the below lines.

Note: Replace sparc with i386 in the above code (in your nagios-x86 file).

Packaging the content to crate the Nagios package

Finally, we are now ready to create the Nagios pkg, follow the below to do so.

First, create a repository (can be zfs file system)

Next, set the repository name.

Next, publish the Nagios pkg to repository with the supplied manifest file.

We now have two options.

  1. Install the package directly to your system
  2. create a p5p file with the package content to port to another system

Create a p5p file for delivery.
Note: The p5p will contain both the SPARC and x86 package

You can now publish / push the final package in your own repository.
An example of adding the package(s) to an existing Oracle Solaris repository is below.

You can also just use the nagios-repo to install your package directly, by doing so.

Appendix A – manifest example

SPARC and x86 manifest are below.


This was originally posetd here, but is now updated with additional details.

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