CoreOS Kubernetes Configuration Generator Version 0.8 – Available As A Docker Image

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CoreOS Kubernetes configuration generator now available as a Docker Image on Docker Hub

I finally got around to update the Kubernetes Configuration Generator. the Kubernetes Ignition Generator is now available as a Docker Image in the official Docker Hub.

Using a Docker image simplifies eliminate most requirements such as the need to install Python modules, etc…

How to use the Docker Image?

To use the Docker image just pull the Image with docker pull elik1001/coreos-kubernetes-generator.
You can also run the Docker image directly which will pull the image.

To use/run the docker image, just run the below.

Notes on directory usage:

  • The configs directory will store the generated ignition, iso and yaml files.
  • The ssl directory will store your root and kubernetes certificates for future runs.
  • The keys directory will store your ssh keys for future runs.
  • The bin directory will store the ct and kubectl utilities.
  • The work directory will store all your selections doing first run for future runs.

Other noticeable updates.
The script was enhanced to preserve user login / password(encrypted) for next run.

Building your own image

Just clone the GitHub Repository.

Then to build your own image, just run the below.


Documentation and usage references are available in my GitHub Repository.

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