Fix / Workaround For Solaris SMF pkg/repositories-setup Maintenance Due To Proxy Issue

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The workaround below should fix the issue with the SMF Repositories-Setup going into maintenance.

Below is a workaround I used to address/fix the issue with the svc:/application/pkg/system-repository:default going in to maintenance.

So I am to trying to install a zone on a fresh Solaris 11.4 server, by running the below.

Note: The Solaris server is behind a corporate proxy/firewall.

By looking on the svc:/application/pkg/system-repository repository SMF service, I can see its in maintenance.

By trying to clear/enabled the SMF service it goes back into maintenance.
The error below is whats displayed in the system-repository SMF error log.

Since I am behind a proxy/firewall, my system profile already sets an http(s)_proxy, like the below, so what else I can I try?

One more option to try is, the svc:/application/pkg/system-repository has their own proxy, like the below, lets try to set that.

Now to the issue, it appears that setting the system-repository SMF proxy setting is not taking effect.

Since I can see from the SMF output its using urlib2 to connect outside, I can try to below workaround.

And here comes the workaround I used, I know its not idle but it worked for me.
Add the below two lines to the pkg.sysrepo.
Approximately line 912 in /usr/lib/pkg.sysrepo

Last issue a clear to SMF.

And now its should just work. below is an example.

Note: The /usr/lib/pkg.sysrepo will most likely get blown-away once the system is refreshed or updated.

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