Oracle Solaris 11.4 Released!! Lets Take ZFS Device Removal For a Ride.

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Oracle Solaris 11.4 ZFS Device Removal Example

One of the new features in the recent Solaris 11.4 release(that rely rocks), is, ZFS Device Removal.

Below I am going to demonstrated one example, on how you can use ZFS Device Removal.

The example below show how migrated a pool from raidz1 => mirrored pool.

First, lets create a test directory with test files, do so by running the below.

Lets prepare / create test files to use in this test.

Next, lets create a test pool.

Lets see the newly create raidz1 pool.

The goal of the next exercise is to convert the testPool from raidz1 to a mirrored configuration.

To accomplish that, we are going to add a new mirror to the existing pool.

So running the above gives you a warning to not mix raid types, typicality not a good practice in a normal environment.

So lets force adding the newly mirrored raid disks (as this is a pre- requisite to the migration/removal), by adding a -f.

Lets take a look on the pool.

As you can see from the zpool status output above. the zpool now contains a mix of raidz and a mirror.

We are now ready for prime time test. so lets remove the raidz raid set.
You do that by simply running the below.

Now, lets take a look on the zpool status.
As you can see below, we are only left with the mirrored configuration.

Thats all it takes to trigger the ZFS device removal option.

Cleaning up.
Just run the below to remove your pool and remove the testing files.

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Hey Eli, Great blog about Solaris ZFS device removal. It works great with real devices too. 🙂
Thanks, Cindy


Great article, i heard that even with data inside zfs redistributes the data in the removal process if there is enough space in the remaining devices.