Migrating from ODSEE, ISW To OUD, DIP. WLS, OID, DIP Installation – Part 3

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Below is a continuation on how to migrate ODSEE, ISW To OUD and DIP. you can access Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Since the migration is quite complex, I am splitting the configuration into separate parts.

This is part 3, Install, Configure WLS, OID, OUD / DIP Schema.

Install, Configure WLS, OID, OUD

Note: In order to avoid the requirement of an Oracle database for the DIP configuration store, please follow the exact ordering steps below (in order I mean first WLS, then OID, etc.. and select the same ORACLE_HOME)
You can also find details on the following Oracle support note below (Doc ID: 2335307.1).

Lets begin with the Weblogic infrastructure(WLS) installation.
Just run the below.

Next, lets install OID.

Next, lest install OUD12 software.

Apply patch by running the below, (you will need to get the patch from Oracle support)

DIP Keys and certificates

For simplicity I created one certificate key for all names(CN).
Please check out Part 1 of this series on more detail about certificates.

In our case I will be using the name dip1 for both the OUD instance and the DIP instance as they are both running on the same host.
The key location is below.

Note: The DIP OUD bake-end instance should be configured the same was all other OUD instance(s) seen in Part 2 of this series (or you can you use of you regular instances), just make sure all data your suffix needed for DIP is part of this local OUD replicated instance.

In the article we have completed Install, Configure WLS, OID, OUD required for DIP Instance. In Part 4 I am going to show you – how to Configure WLS And DIP instance.
To continue reading Part 4 click here.

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