How to Configure Solaris 12 as a DNS server using bind

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Installing and configuring a Bind DNS server on Solaris

I was recently working with an openstack installation in a Solaris environment, and to simplify the configuration I had the need to configure my own DNS server.

Below are the steps required to configure a Solaris 12(11.x) DNS server, the config was using BIND 9.x.
Note: The steps should also work in in Solaris 11.3, but was tested on Solaris 12.

First install the bind pkg

Now lets configure DNS

Note: I am using as the domain name, and 192.168.1.x/24 as the network.
Yes I know this is a routable network, you can use 192.168.x or 172.16, 10.x. if you like.

First lets create a named.conf

Create a new named.conf

Now lets generate a random (rndc) key

This will generate a rndc key file under /etc/

Create the necessary directories

Now lets create the zone files

First create the root.hints zone

Create the localhost reverse zone

Create the zone

Create the revers 192.180 zone

Note: The zone above uses 3 Solaris zones za, zb and zc, but feel free to use your name.

Now lets verify all zone’s are configured correctly

You should see something like the below.

Enable the DNS service

If all is correct DNS should now work.

Optional switch your dns (client dns) to use the local DNS

If all works correctly, you should get back the proper dns results.

Solaris 11.3 DNS references

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