Capturing Your Own Solaris 11.4 (12) Analytics / Sstore – Part 3

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Capturing Your Own Solaris 11.4 (12) Analytics / Sstore

Note: There is an updated process for Solaris 11.4+, please check out part 5 – Enhanced method on how to capture analytics in Solaris 11.4+

Note: The full code is available in a GitHub repository. to play with the code, feel free to just clone the Solaris Analytics Publisher repository.

  • Please check out part 1 on how to configure analytics
  • Please check out part 2 on how to configure the client capture stat process
  • part 3 on how to publish the client captured stats.
  • Please check out part 4 Configuring / Accessing the Web Dashboard / UI.
  • Please check out part 5 Capturing Solaris 11.4 (12) Analytics By Using Remote Administration Daemon (RAD).

We are now ready to populate Stats Store(sstore) with our client custom data.

Create SMF and startup helper scripts

cat /opt/sys_monitor/startup/

Create SMF startup xml

cat /opt/sys_monitor/services/populate_service.xml

Import SMF xml

Create publish script

The below Python script will fetch the data from the (remote) source and publish the results in the Stats Store(sstore).
cat /opt/sys_monitor/bin/

Create links file (with all remote clients)

cat /opt/sys_monitor/conf/links.txt

Enable service

Note: The local and remote Python HTTP server is not using any authentication, this can always be added latter.

In the next part – part 4 I will show you how to add the captured custom data in the analytics dashboard.
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