Capturing Your Own Solaris 11.4 (12) Analytics / Sstore – Part 1

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How to Capturing / create your own custom analytics

Note: There is an updated process for Solaris 11.4+, please check out part 5 – Enhanced method on how to capture analytics in Solaris 11.4+

Note: The full code is available in a GitHub repository. to play with the code, feel free to just clone the Solaris Analytics Publisher repository.

  • part 1 on how to configure analytics
  • Please check out part 2 on how to configure the client capture stat process
  • Please check out part 3 on how to publish the client captured stats.
  • Please check out part 4 Configuring / Accessing the Web Dashboard / UI.
  • Please check out part 5 Capturing Solaris 11.4 (12) Analytics By Using Remote Administration Daemon (RAD).

First, Make sure the services are online

Creating Your own monitoring stats

In the steps below, we first create a stats store place holder for the data we are going to capture.

Step one:, We need to create a class and stat file.
Go to /usr/lib/sstore/metadata/json/site

Create a class file

Besides the regular system fields, I added a some data base fields.
Like the two fields below.

Note: The file below uses servers as the dynamic namespace.

Create a stat file

Next, we need to create the stats file, the stats file sets the capture schema for every field we capture.

Tip: Its a good idea to make sure the json is clean with no errors.

Next we need to restart the services

In order for the Solaris Stats Store to know about the new fields an sstore is required.

After adding some values, verify if it works

Lets test if the new fields work as expected.
The below will output any values update to our newly created schema fields.

Next will explorer how to populate the Stats Store (analytics) with data, Click here to go to part 2.

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