Oracle OVN (Xsigo) Solaris driver installation

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To install the Solaris 11 Xsigo driver

Make temp directory

For Oracle OVN Fabric Manager installation click here

Note: Before installing the Xsigo driver make sure the host name is set properly, as the hostname is what will show up on the Xsigo console (Oracle Fabric Manager).

cd /var/tmp/xsigo

Extract the files

tar -vzxf /tmp/ORCLovn-5.2.0-S11-1L_1072-sparc.gz

Set the publusher

pkg set-publisher -g file:///var/tmp/xsigo/ORCLovn ORCLovn

Install the Xsigo driver

pkg install system/io/ORCLovn-drv

Clean reboot


Unset the publisher

pkg unset-publisher ORCLovn

Note: For Solaris 11.3+ the ovn pkg installation is included part of the repository.
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