Oracle OVN (Xsigo) Fabric Manager Installation

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How to install Oracle Fabric Manager

First install OEL 6.x

For Solaris 11 OVN client installation click here

Disable FireWall

chkconfig iptables off
chkconfig  ip6tables off

PostgreSQL is needed for performance reporter.

yum install compat-libtermcap.x86_64
rpm -i postgres-9.1.2-1.x86_64.openscg.rpm
# To configure & start PostgreSQL for the first time 
/etc/init.d/postgres-9.1-openscg start (leave all default, set password)

Install apache

yum install httpd.x86_64
# Add ServerName to httpd.conf

Prepare for Fabric Manager install

mkdir /install
cd /install/OFM
tar xvf xsigo-xms-4.1.0_XFM_rhel5_i686.tar

make sre java is installed and available

mkdir /install/JRE
Download the jre bin (for x64) and install

Install fabric manager

cd /install/OFM/xms_install
rpm -ivh xsigo-xms-4.1.0-1.noarch.rpm
service xms start

Install Performance Manager

unzip -qq
tar xf xsigo-xms-perfmgr-1.1.0_PM.tar
cd /install/PERF_MGR/xms_perfmgr_install
rpm -ivh xsigo-xms-perfmgr-1.1.0_PM-1.noarch.rpm

Xsigo logs location

Check /opt/xsigo/xms/logs/catalina.out

Xsigo director help

# Set passwords
set system root-password
# Set admin password 
# Set backup password
set system recovery-password

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