ELK and Kafka Zookeeper Configuration on Oracle BDA

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First lets configure Kafka

Note: In Kafka 8.1 (and lower) you can not delete a topic, make sure to update to a latter version then 8.2+

Modify the below Kafka settings

To make kafka listing on all interfaces

First lets create a topic

Note: The instructions below is missing initial zookeeper setup which is alrady done on the Oracle BDA.

To watch the active queue

To delete a topic (with all messages)

Make sure to stop all logstash instances using this topic
Also good to stop all kafka brokers

Newer versions, full clean up

Note: if delete is not working, stop Kafka, then

Kafka helpful hints

To get all messages offset

To see the number of PartitionCount, ReplicationFactor, etc

To modify/add a PartitionCount

The below will change it to two partitions

Logstash and Kafka configuration

On the Client side, lets create a logstash output with Kafka output


Start logstash with SMF or at commend line

For SMF details check here

On the server side (Kafka consumer), lets create a logstash input with Kafka input and elasticsearch output

Note: In Linux its in /etc/logstash/conf.d/50-logstash.conf

Start logstash with SMF or at commend line

To increase logstash Memory, add below

Log locations

Default logstash logs

Default Kafka logs (on BDA)

For SMF details check here

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