Oracle ODSEE to OUD Directory Replication or Migration

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How to install and configure Odsee to oud directory replication

First install an OUD directory

First install and configure a basic OUD installation, as described Installing And Configuring OUD Directory
Note: Do not configure a directory server instance, i.e. Select the option “leave DB empty” and clear the suffix field ,follow the steps below

Migrate ODSEE to OUD schema and roles

Set ODSEE compatibly

Enable multiple structural objectclass

Migrate schema and roles

Copy schema from ODSEE

Migrate all other left over schema and roles

Get a one time ODSEE full export from

export from DSEE and copy to replication gateway

Clean Import ODSEE Data in OUD – OUD has to be down at import time

Start OUD

Install and Configure Replication Gateway

Prepare OUD for initialization

Final Import ODSEE in OUD

OUD post–initialization


Oracle Doc ID 1410634.1

Quick references steps to configure replication

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