How to install Linux (OEL) on SPARC

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How to configure OVM for SPARC(LDOMS) for (OEL)

Below is a OVM for SPARC(LDOMS) configuration to run Linux (OEL) on a SPARC server (T5/T7).
Note: The T5-x or T7-x might require the latest firmware for this to work.

ldm add-vcc port-range=5000-5100 primary-vcc0 primary
svcadm enable svc:/ldoms/vntsd:default
ldm set-core 28 primary
ldm set-memory 256g  primary
ldm add-domain oel7-tst1
#ldm add-vcpu 16 oel7-tst1
ldm set-core 2 oel7-tst1
ldm add-memory 16g oel7-tst1
ldm add-vnet vnet0 primary-vsw0 oel7-tst1
ldm add-vdiskserver primary-vds0 primary
ldm add-vdsdev /dev/dsk/c0t5000CCA01612DD0Cd0s2 c0t5000CCA01612DD0Cd0@primary-vds0
ldm add-vdisk vdisk1 c0t5000CCA01612DD0Cd0@primary-vds0 oel7-tst1
ldm add-vdiskserverdevice /root/linux-sparc-1.0-DVD.iso oel-iso@primary-vds0
ldm add-vdisk cdrom oel-iso@primary-vds0 oel7-tst1
ldm add-vswitch net-dev=aggr1 primary-vsw0 primary
ldm set-vswitch vid=2000 primary-vsw0
ldm set-vnet pvid=2000 vid=999 vswitch=primary-vsw0 vnet0 oel7-tst1
ldm bind-domain oel7-tst1
ldm start oel7-tst1
boot cdrom linux text

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