Solaris 11.3 – openstack install / juno 2014.2 – part2

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Creating openstack zone archive

Prepare the zone for uploading to Glance by first creating SSH authentication credentials to enable root SSH for OpenStack root login access

Enable root ssh with key

How to use cinder with ZFS appliance iSCSI

Configure iSCSI to each compute node

Add a volume type with the name zfssa-2 in the Horizon under volumes
Note: the name should match the driver name
The config below is for using NAS/iSCSI only (local) is not enabled

Restart all needed services like below

To verify all volume groups

To configure heat

Add to heat-keystone-setup on top

if the script keeps on failing
you might also need to unset the SERVICE_TOKEN

Just run the below

Modify /etc/heat/heat.conf

Create heat template


Enable all the heat services

Then just create template

Ironic configuration

Configure ironic user


Now start the services

change the /usr/demo/openstack/keystone/ file like below

Run as keystone

Verify ironic user works

Bare Metal Deployment With Ironic

first configure AI server

Note: if multihome ip address, set hostmodel
Create DHCP service for x86 clients

export default manifest

import the file after modified


To complete ironic you can use a UAR image or IPS

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