How to install Oracle Identity Management 11gR2 PS3

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Follow this blog to install ps3 from the wizard

Note: before you install make sure to set

export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java
fqdn host firs in /etc/hosts
pkg install pkg:/compatibility/ucb

Note: Steps below didnt work for PS3 – first install PS2 and use the link below steps to upgarde to PS3

Before running RCU

OIM RCU Creation – XATRANS Views are not installed on this Database

Update spfile with cursors to 1000, process to 500, etc.. as in PS2 doc

To update sga size

alter system set sga_max_size=15G scope=spfile;

alter system set sga_target=15G scope=spfile;

  • SQL> alter system set processes=5000 scope=spfile;
  • SQL> alter system set sessions=2000 scope=spfile;
  • SQL> alter system set open_cursors=1000 scope=spfile;

restart db to take effect and verify

select count(*) from v$process;

Start the listener

lsnrctl start

Set the open files on DB

ulimit -n 6500

Run RCU (only windows and linux support) – use DEV as the schmea name

To patch weblogic

./ -install -patch_download_dir=$MW_HOME/utils/bsu/cache_dir -patchlist=YUIS -prod_dir=$MW_HOME/wlserver_10.3

To Create the IDM

   cd oracle_common/common/bin/
   ./ /u01/oracle/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_IDM1/common/tools/ -d /u01/oracle/Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/IDMDomain -c IAM -p password -m create


Doc Location

DB Tip

To get the DB

cd /u01/app/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/dbs

strings SDI.ora > newfile

SQL startup pfile='C:orapfileinit.ora';

SQL create spfile from pfile='C:orapfileinit.ora'

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