Tips And Tricks Configuring Oracle OVN (Xsigo)

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Oracle OVN Tips and Tricks

Looking for Oracle OVN Fabric Manager installation click here

How to un-assign / assign a vNic

To un-assign a vnic – needed for some system changes

To assign back the vnic

Fix for missing 8Gb FC card

on the OFM server (Linux)

unzip /opt/xsigo/xms/webapps/xms/WEB-INF/lib/services.jar defaultqos.xmlvi defaultqos.xms

Add a line like this near the top with the rest of the “sanqos” elements. I think things are pretty self explanatory, but obviously you need to be careful not to put unreasonable data.

cp defaultqos.xml /opt/xsigo/xms/webapps/xms/WEB-INF/classes/

service xms restart