Solaris Dynamic Zone Resource Capping With Examples

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To add/remove CPU on a ruining zone (dedicated-cpu)

Note: To configure or modify shared resource pools click here

First get the pset name

  • in in this case the pset name is SUNWtmp_apps, notice the unit pset.min & pset.max is set to 4 cpu

Note: if a pool was never configured just run pooladm -s

Before the change just 4 cpu are configured

To add/modify the numbers of CPU to 8

After the change

To add/modify CPU on a ruining zone (capped-cpu)

Before the change

  • Change from 400 to 600

  • After the change

To make the change permanent

To add/modify Memory on a ruining zone

Change increase physical memory (max-rss) to 12g

Before the change

Make the change

After the change

Change increase swap memory (zone.max-swap) to 12g

Example before swap space change

To change Swap space (change from zone.max-swap to zone.max-locked-memory for locked memory)

After the swap space change

To make the change permanent

To add/modify Network on a ruining zone

To add an interface on a ruining zone run (shared mode)

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