How to Create a Custom Solaris Live CD + latest SRU

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Creating a custom Solaris Live CD

Tip: You will need the full Solaris repository for this process to work (4 ISO from Oracle’s web site 4+Gb).

Create the local repo directory.

Create cd, usb, rep, etc

vi dc_livecd.xml and change the repo to http://, or file://

Also Modify the entire line to the proper entire (or leve latest)

Make proper changes to the dc_livecd.xml. the below changes are the minimum, change to your own repo address in this case its
Tip: You can also use files instead of an ip, something like this files:///solaris-repo/repo-files

Note: You can also specify -p create-iso, or just run -l for a list of available options

Note: The option of create-iso never worked for me, instead I just let the full process complete.

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