How to configure a Solaris 11 EVS switch

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How to install and configure an EVS switch

pkg install evs rad-evs-controller

Configure the EVS switch

evsadm set-prop -p controller=ssh://
evsadm set-controlprop -p l2-type=vlan (default)
evsadm set-controlprop -p vlan-range=1-4096
evsadm set-controlprop -h app1 -p uplink-port=aggr1
evsadm set-controlprop -h app2 -p uplink-port=aggr1
evsadm set-controlprop -h app3 -p uplink-port=aggr1

evsadm show-controlprop -p l2-type,vlan-range,uplink-port

Set network tag

evsadm create-evs -T app -p vlanid=20 wapp
evsadm add-ipnet -T app -p subnet= app/app
evsadm show-ipnet

Set network IP

evsadm add-vport -T app -p ipaddr= app/vport1
evsadm show-ipnet
evsadm show-vport

Check EVS status

evsadm show-evs -L

How to use for zones

make sure to add in zonecfg

set tenet=app
add anet
set evs=app
set vport=a1

Set Zone EVS port

evsadm add-vport -T app -p ipaddr= app/a1

Note: This extra step is not needed

dladm create-vnic -t -T app -c app/vport1 a1

To see all evs + vports

evsadm show-evs -o all

To add all zones to the EVS switch

for i in {1..8};do echo evsadm add-vport -T app -p ipaddr=${i} app/a2${i};done

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