How to clear an Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center stuck job

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Solution to clear an Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center stuck job

Solution Notes

  • The solution below should work with any stuck job not willing to disappear, i.e. if you try stopping the job from the UI or CLI and its not working.
  • The issue and solution below are even for the latest Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 13c.

We performed an upgrade from 11g to 12c. After successful upgrade we have this problem:
Before the upgrade, we had two jobs in status “Stopping” which did not stop since 20 days. These jobs should disappear after the upgrade.
However, they are still there and prevent that other jobs for the same asset can be completed, successfully.

How can we delete those jobs from the database?

We get the following errors when using the CLI:

For example if you try to do this from commend line, you get the below error.

The solution to the issue is, to mark the job as done in the database, follow the steps below to clear the job.

First, we need to get the job run_id. run to below to see that.
Note: Please replace 759 with your Job_id in the examples below.

In the example above, the job run_id is 0.

Next, lets change the job status.

In some instances, setting the job status to 12 will not help.
In such a case try setting the job id to 16.

Follow the below to do that.

Once committed to the database, you shuld be good to go, just refresh the Ops Center UI, or CLI, and the stuck job will be gone.

Source: Oracle Doc ID 1513641.1

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